Tamarosa – Tamarynowa Osada

The land of relaxation!

„The greatest value of TAMAROSA
is its location in the very heart of this exceptional land…”


Międzychodzko – Sierakowskie Lake District, referred to as the „land of 100 lakes” or „Little Provence” is an attractive tourist area located halfway between Poznań and Gorzów Wielkopolski. Bordered on the north by the river Warta and sand dunes covered with the Noteć Forests, the entire landscape is dotted with numerous lakes and rivers flowing through deep valleys. Two landscape parks and ten nature reserves were created here. This geologically diversified area is very rich in fauna – there are many protected species such as: beaver, otter, black cormorant, eagle owl, osprey and red kite. This exceptionally clean and healthy microclimate is a guarantee that our Guests will return home refreshed in body and mind.

TAMAROSA is a comfortable and snug guest house, nestled on the property called Tamarynowa Osada, which is spread over 30 ha. It is located in the forest protection zone on the Międzychodzko – Sierakowskie Lake District, near Łowyń and Dormowo, two small villages. There is no better spot for a romantic weekend, family and friend meetings or more sophisticated celebrations. In this charming place, at a distance from main roads, we hold trainings, scientific and business conferences as well as social banquets. We provide free wireless Internet access.

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