All nature lovers of nature, tranquility and family and homely atmosphere. A wide range of attractions on our offer make Tamarynowa Osada an ideal spot to rest, renew your energy and relax.

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Bird Watching

bird watching 1 bird watching 2
Bird watching, birding – is a hobby consisting in the observation of birds in the naked eye or using visual enhancement devices (binoculars or telescope). It usually involves getting to know their physical appearance, voices, behaviors and biology. Pictures of birds are also taken. The pursuers of this hobby are called bird watchers. They are amateurs, unengaged in scientific research.

Tamarynowa Osada is an excellent place for bird watchers. You will encounter many interesting species here. Early spring sees wedges of wild ducks, geese, swans and grey stork coming back in search of a quiet place to build their nests among lakes, streams, wetlands and ponds. Abundance of lakes makes this location a perfect habitat for many species of birds, among others: grey heron, cormorants, black kite, crane, black and white stork. All birdwatching enthusiasts are welcome to Tamarynawa Osada, the perfect location for pursuing their hobby in close contact with nature.

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