All nature lovers of nature, tranquility and family and homely atmosphere. A wide range of attractions on our offer make Tamarynowa Osada an ideal spot to rest, renew your energy and relax.

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Nordic Walking

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Nordic Walking, an interesting and nice way of leisure, consists in walking with specially designed poles. It originated as a form of summer training for cross-country skiers, now it can be practiced by each and every one year round. There are three levels of Nordic Walking: health, fitness and sports, depending on individual preferences and physical abilities.

Nordic Walking engages most of your muscles, thus strengthening, firming and improving the overall fitness of your body. Nordic Walking help you lose weight effectively and safely. Poles reduce the strain on the joints (especially knee joints) and the backbone, making the sport suitable for people of all ages.

Tamarynowa Osada and its surroundings are the best place to practice Nordic Waking. The forests around, pastures, orchards and meadows afford a geographically and biologically diversified training area, with routes ranging from several to a dozen kilometers. Tamarynowa Osada hosts practice Nordic Walking themselves and will be pleased to offer guidance to the beginners.

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