For Gourmets

Menu offerings for gourmets – prior arrangements concerning menu items are required; fresh products are subject to availability and season. Please reserve at least 24 hours in advance.

Roasted duck breast in plum marinade served with balsamic sauce, red cabbage braised in red wine and potatoes

Sirloin steak in Bernaise sauce braised in red wine and rosemary with roasted potatoes and a salad mix with vinaigrette dressing

Salmon steak on spinach bed with dill or Dutch sauce with wild rice

Cauliflower cream with roasted almond flakes and truffle olive oil

Tagliatelle pasta with mushroom sauce and parmesan cheese

Double-layered zucchini cream in red wine

Brown beer braised turkey knuckle with roasted with root vegetables and pea puree

Pike fried on butter with Dutch sauce, boiled potatoes with dill and fresh cabbage

Goose leg roasted with apples and prunes served with roasted rosemary potatoes

Fried boletales on clarified butter served on hot pan


I am looking forward to cooking for you!


Maksymilian Jaśkiewicz


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